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 I have sample, it is so nice. 
                     May 13, 2016 / Asia

 Today in the meeting, my cus-tomer liked your 2nd fabric.   
                        Apr.8, 2016 / Asia

 First  criterion (of)  including to a list of purchases is damages durability. Only several types of fiberglass fabrics had undergone testing, and one of them is your product. 
                 Mar.17, 2016 / Europe

Q1: Why do you suggest buyer to request a sample first?
A:  It's very necessary for buyer to request a sample for evaluation, to see if its quality meets the requirement of your applications, especially for industrial appli-cations. For example, if its durability is poor end user will have to stop production to get it replaced earlier than expected and suffer from losing money. J&T believes that sample speaks better than words. 
Q2: The sample is free, how about the delivery charge?
A: J&T would like buyer to pay it first by offering a courier account, and J&T promises it will be returned when initial order is placed, which means it will be reduced from bill. What's more, if a second delivery for sample of same size is required, J&T will take care of the delivery charge. Please refer to the Latest Feedbacks in left column of the page, all comments posted there are 100% original from our customers. We hope that mutual trust can be established after the initial cooperation of sample confirmation. 
Q3: What is the size limit of free sample?
A: We offer free sample up to 1.2 sq. yard or 1 sq. meter. If your required size is over the limit, please check with us with your detailed information.
Q4: Can I customize a sample ?
A: Yes, please provide your specifications of thickness, weight per area (if you know or give what you have for J&T to calculate for you), color, etc., and it's better if you can also describe the application and environment it will be used for. 
Q5: When will you send the sample?
A: We promise it will be sent within 3 work days since we get your sample order with detailed information. And it’s the same for custom sample.


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Jitong Composite Material Co.,Ltd (J&T), an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer, has been engi-neering and manufacturing high performance Silicone & PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics since its establishment in 2011. Benefited from the continuous innovation of its diligent & creative team, J&T has been developing stably & fast - ISO9001:2008 certified and entitled Provincial Private Science & Technology Enterprise in 2014, entitledProvin-cial Technological Enterprise in 2015, CertifiedCredit Grade AAA since June of 2014, owned one utility patent in 2015 and 4 utility patents in 2016 ...

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